Ukraine: ‘My Disabled Nephew Has A Home In UK – But Is Stuck In Paris’ | Same Difference

A disabled teenager and his grandparents have been waiting in Paris for more than six weeks while their UK asylum application is processed. They told the BBC they are stuck in limbo, spending thous…


So a UK Government spokes person is saying, “fastest and biggest visa schemes in UK history” following the invasion and that “changes the Home Office has made to streamline the visa system, including simplifying the forms and boosting staff numbers, are working”, but is it true.

It may be the ‘fastest and biggest’, but that doesn’t mean it is fast enough, for when other countries are looked at the UK appears to be the slowest. People are waiting not weeks, but months just for visas and when there are families children’s visas are not being processed together with the adults they are with, meaning delays are occurring and showing incompetence by the Home Office and not for the first time.

Now is this incompetence deliberate or not, well while one act of incompetence is one too many more acts are showing that ‘lessons are not learnt or there is no willingness to learn.

There is no transparency in any of these operations as though there is a ‘cloak of secrecy’ in force and what is the secrecy hiding.

There are no areas at the borders of Ukraine where UK officials are, but there are for other countries, there may be an area but it will, more than likely be run by a Charity with no influence.

We are dealing with peoples lives, but it appears the UK Home Office just doesn’t care.

This is not respecting Human Rights, it is completely ignoring them.


Source: Ukraine: ‘My Disabled Nephew Has A Home In UK – But Is Stuck In Paris’ | Same Difference

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