Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 306 of the invasion | Russia | The Guardian

Explosions heard at Russia’s Engels air base hundreds of miles from Ukraine’s front lines; Putin says west trying to ‘tear apart’ Russia


Russia or more correctly Putin is acting as though it is a colonial power and wishes to recreate the old Russian Empire and is not respecting the rights of individual nations to govern themselves.

Ukraine, a former state within Russia under went many changes over the years, but Russia agreed to the independence of Ukraine under the terms of the so-called Budapest memorandum in 1994 in exchange for them disgarding the nuclear weapons that Ukraine  had in their possession.

However, Putin has ignored the Budapest memorandum in his haste to recreate the Russian Empire and in doing so has once again shown that Russia can’t be trusted.

Colonialism was always wrong, no matter which country was engaging in it, for each and every country who followed colonialism did so by disrespecting the rights and lives for the persons already living in the countries taken over and plundered the minerals within those countries to increase the wealth their wealth at the expense of the countries taken over and the interests of the native residents.

Putin is doing all he can by his invading Russian forces to destroy Ukraine and it population. Yes, there are many in Ukraine of, so called Russian descent, but many of them are also being killed and injured in the indiscriminate actions of the Russian forces, as well as many native Ukrainians.

Putin feelds he can destroy all he wishes to and then objects when Ukrainian forces retaliate, if he does not wish areas of the current Russia to be destroyed then he needs to do a full withdrawal from all areas of Ukraine as stated in the Budapest memorandum and also the use of any remaining Russian wealth to be used to rebuild what he and his Russian forces have destroyed. He also has to surrender himself so that he can be tried for the horrendous War Crimes being conducted in his name by his Russian forces within Ukraine,

As was Germany after WWII, Russia needs to be stripped of its right to hold any forces which could be used to engage in any future aggressive actions and to relinquish all its seats in the UN Security Council.


Source: Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 306 of the invasion | Russia | The Guardian

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