Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

Russian foreign minister says western weapons are a ‘legitimate target’; about 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since start of invasion, UK defence secretary says


Russia needs to understand war, for they do not, they assume all they do is allowed, but what others do is not.

They believe only them are allowed to invade countries whenever they wish and cause destruction, but the countries they invade should not retaliate in similar measures .

They can obtain armaments from whom is prepared to provide armaments to them, but the country they invaded should not and countries should not provide armaments to the invaded country.

Russia also believes that everything and everybody in the invaded country can be destroyed and people killed and injured whereas civilians and their property should be safeguarded as much as possible.

But Russia is way misguided for they believe everyone is afraid of them, but by invading Ukraine they have shown their armed forces are not as strong or as fearful as they believed, but they are extremely undisciplined, as they feel they are allowed to rape, torture and then kill as many women  as they wish to.

Putin continues to threaten that he will use his nuclear weapons, but does he realise that if he does others will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons thereby causing wide spread nuclear contamination all over.

Is Putin so stupid, perhaps he is. and why are many in Russia so gullible, as families in Ukraine with relatives in Russia are finding the that their Russian relatives are believing Putin rather than their Ukrainian relatives. Perhaps Putin’s propaganda is so much more effective than its armed forces.

Many Ukrainian civilians, including children have been forcibly taken from Ukraine and took to Russia in the guise that they are being liberated, will they ever be found again.

Every country needs to work as one and supply Ukraine will all they wish for and stop purchasing any goods from Russia, for any payment, especially in Roubles is effectively working against Ukrainians. Buy paying Russia just one Rouble is one Rouble too many and any country doing so, is as guilty as Russia.

Putin and the Russian armed forces are already committing many War Crimes, with many more being committed every day. Both Putin and those Russian armed forces need to be held accountable and brought before the Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Source: Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

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