The pathetic harassment of Greta Thunberg by a grown man is a glimpse of the reality for disabled kids

The lives of some persons with disabilities have improved, but have they improved enough and for many there has been no improvement.

Is it not sad, that in this, now 21st centuary we are in some respects still in the sixteenth and seventeens centuary in our views and actiosns around disabilities.

In the UK we had the Equality act 2010 and before that the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995 and still there are problems with access, in many buildings and certainly transport.

There are wheelchair spaces on public transport, at least 1 and maybe 2, but access to them may not be possible due to them being occupied by pushchairs. Even tough there have been some court cases around this, there are still some bus drivers who will not defend the right of access for persons in wheelchairs and allow the people with pushchairs to remain where they are.

In trains a disabled person, at times may be be able to alight at a station of their choice because they have not given prior notice or the station is not manned, or there is no disability access.
Access to planes is even worse.

Employment is still a major problem.

Schools the avenue for education, is still not educating pupils on disability issues and bullying, well, it is still around in abundance.

Bullying is still active within schools and the schools themselves are not tackling the problem with sufficient force, if they are , in fact , attending to the problem.
Many are solely relying on their Anti-bullying Policy, which in many instances it not worth the paper it is written on, but is used as a means to defend the school that they are dealing with it.

In fact many mainstream schools are totalyly unable to accommodate persons with disabilities, but do so with disasterous results.

People with disabilities are not going away, as they were in the 40s when they were incarcerated in institutions, in fact, even today, there are some persons who feel that was and should still be the right approach.

The number of Persons with Disabilities is increasing and they are living to an older age than before, with more persons with complex needs, mainly due to the advancement of medical science.

Modern Society, needs to get their act together and vastly improve the outlook for persons with disabilities.

In fact, there needs to be ‘zero tolerence’ with the acts of abuse occurring in every facet of Modern Society in the, so called, ‘civilised’ world.

Then we can they try to educate certain areas, in what is called the 3rd World.

Why is it called the 3rd World for who is in the 1st and then the 2nd Worlds?

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