Universal Credit rent payments could face overhaul after leaving people out of pocket

The rollout of Universal Credit (UC) was started in April 2013 in Ashton-under-Lyne, so why is that this problem, which is coming after housing associations demanded action from the DWP to close the “bizarre” loophole, only now being looked at by the DWP?

Did Ashton-under-Lyne not have housing associations or is it, which is more likely, that the DWP could not be bothered to look at it, surely the process of look again should not take some 6 years to be looked at.

But, then again this is the Government and the Civil Service who are ‘ACE’ at moving slowly, for they have to be good at something, surely?

So they wait while Universal Credit has virtually been rolled out across the UK, except for those with ‘Legacy Benefits’, which the DWP have decided should be be included in the change to UC at this moment in time.

Hopefully, by then all the problems with UC will have been sorted, but again this is the Government and the Civil Service, so don’t count on that.

Why is it virtually everything Governments and the Civil Service turn their hands to is just never that right.

Do they not know what they are doing, surely not, but I feel many will agree that they do not know or do they really care, for will it affect them in their lives, most likely not.

Do we wish for someone to appear to make the UK ‘Great Again’, I would say no, if the example of this occurrence in America is anything to go by.

Could we really put up with a UK ‘Trump’, hopefully not.

Unfortunately it would appear that benefit claimants will have to continue to suffer, or pay the ultimate price of Death, perhaps that is what the Government and may be the DWP are hoping for.


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